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Join Us for the 2017 Spring Show Closing Reception


Join us on July 8th from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM at Bethlehem House Gallery for the 2017 Spring Show Closing Reception.

With Summer’s arrival, the Bethlehem House Gallery will once again undergo a dramatic transformation. But before that happens, there will be one last chance to see the 2017 Spring Show featuring the exciting blend of sculptures, paintings, and other mediums by these talented artists:

Arturo Cabrera – “For my current collection, I am focusing on the multiple emotions and many dimensions to the human state of mind. I believe there is more to humanity than we realize, and people are not as black and white as we seem.”

Jan Crooker – The goal of making joyful, bright work crystallized when her son returned safely from military service in Iraq. She sees light and color as symbolic of the joy in life and makes it a goal of each painting.

Gail Fly – “In my paintings, I try to make people see the amazing beauty of nature by exaggerating the color or size or shape. My childlike sense of wonder is always looking for the spectacular in mother nature. Sometimes I paint from life and sometimes from within.”

Tom Holmes – Tom Holmes is a sculptor working in stone, metal, wood, light, ice, and water. He works seasonally, tracking the weather. Different temperatures demand independent responses to materials and approaches.

Susan Levin – “My art as well as my outlook on life was very much influenced by the time I spent living in Hawaii. I was impressed and inspired by the intense beauty of the land and by the warmth of its culturally diverse people.”

Barbara Schulman – “I challenge myself to do something new in every piece, and work spontaneously, with no preconceived drawing.”

With the addition of these house artists:

William Sean Kelsey

Doug Kozo

Danny E. Polk Jr.

Staci Louise Smith

The reception will include live music, refreshments, and an opportunity for visitors to meet and discuss the work with the artists themselves.

All artwork from the Spring Show will be available for purchase online and in the gallery until the end of the Summer Show.

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