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Andrea Grillo

I am moved by the energy of light, color and the sensual sweep of a line. I also delight in the poetry of words and story, messy and storms. I am a self-taught visual artist and haiku poet with the desire to poet my paintings and contour my poetry by adapting and practicing the Asian aesthetics of less is more and wabi- sabi—beauty inherent in life’s natural imperfections and aging process.

My visual art is best suggested through my version of abstract wabi-sabi expressionism—impulsive and managed brushstrokes; intuitive use of color; layering and mark-making; use of multiple mediums and integrating imperfect happy mistakes. It is through this process and pairing of improvisation and finesse with beauty and blemish that allows for an organic turn of an imperfect line into a stroke that finds its way to poetic expression.

on my way
to somewhere else
the else

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