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Anthony Viscardi

My work, derived from a generative process I refer to as “shadow mapping,” captures time by tracing shadows as they traverse an architectural construct while being built over one day. It addresses my theoretical enquiry, “If an object can cast a shadow, can a shadow cast an object?” The significance of the original object exists only in its role as the precipitator of its trace.

When complete, the three-dimensional object is dismantled, leaving only a map of its former existence, the shadow of a day with potential for it’s re-construing. My recent body of work, Tracing Time to Measure Space (2012-17), was initiated during my 2012 MacDowell Fellowship and developed during a yearlong residency at the Experimental Printmaking Institute and in my studio. Portions of this work (drawings, prints, large-scale sculpture and laser-cut Plexiglas, metal, wood constructs) have been exhibited in five solo and several juried group shows. My most recent solo exhibition at the Allentown Art Museum featured a 9-foot by 55-foot immersive installation titled, Shadow Landings.

The prints I’ve submitted for the Bethlehem House Contemporary Art Gallery are from my Prints of Darkness exhibition at the Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College (2015). My portfolio of prints include collagraphy, etching, silkscreen, viscosity printing and embossing, I consider my prints to be the inverse or reflection of my drawings, in essence shadow cast impressions, or Prints of Darkness.