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Carrie Kingsbury

I have recently begun painting my own personal work after 17 years of full-time commercial Mural painting. This is due to a strong desire to express myself outside of a client’s exacting parameters. The painting process I use is very freeing, and I’m excited to begin this journey.

I am primarily interested in the human figure. I use abstract mixed media techniques and combine them with realism in a multi layered technique which I endeavor to convey movement and spiritual energy. I enjoy using the different high gloss resin and matte finishes, pulling from skills learned through years working with clients on mural and faux finishing projects.

Through my paintings I wish to convey different aspects of humanity, such as the spiritual nature of human beings, their unique expressions of worship through the arts, and the glimpses of unity and diversity I see all around me. I believe the act of painting is a form of worshipful expression itself.

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