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My letterpress image of the combined H and the ! floated into my mind as I was drifting off to sleep. I often see finished works in this state but rarely remember them or accurately get them on paper before the image leaves me. The next day I had escorted my class to a letterpress shop in Lancaster. Because the students were working on all the presses, I rolled up the wood type with gold ink and rubbed the heel of my hand against the back of the paper onto the type feeling the edges as I worked around the surface. I don’t think I would have had the same result if I had used the press. There are only two of these prints as artist proofs—it was not editioned.

The other two letterpress works are playing with type, lyrics and rhythm. The 16 tons series was broken up into 5 posters to match the cadence or natural breaks in the song by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Tub Thumping is one continuous roll because the song is so repetitive and annoying; it seems like it just doesn’t stop. The type reflects having too many “whiskey drinks” as you reach the end of the print.

The majority of my art incorporates monotypes, relief printing, letterpress, book arts, photography, digital, and collaged paper.

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