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Domenick Naccarato

Decay. Rust. Worn and weathered industrial surfaces. That is often
what I find beauty in and use as my inspiration today.

I try to take those unremarkable, often times undesirable things that I see in my everyday surroundings and use them to guide me in the abstract works of art I create: The water spots around a rusting bolt on a street sign; the oil stains on the mud flaps of a truck driving down the highway; the pieces of metal and wood hanging from the roof of a crumbling barn; the remnants of paint drips on a painter’s drop cloth. These things are all around us typically going unnoticed, but for some reason, they are what stand out to me and catch my eye. They are beautiful to me. When I create my art, I keep these images in mind and attempt to replicate them to some degree.

Much of the work you see here includes elements of assemblage, making my paintings somewhat sculptural in nature. I’ll often incorporate metal, reclaimed wood, and pieces of hardware as main components of the artwork. The process, techniques, and mediums I use to create my art will vary. Sometimes I use plaster to build up the surface and textures, while other times I’ll melt wax and use encaustic techniques to do the same. I use uncommon media like roofing tar, wood stains, or house paint in conjunction with more traditional things such as acrylics, oil, or oil stick.

I don’t make any claims to the specific meaning of my artwork. At its core, the reason I make art is because it satisfies an inherent need I have to create.

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