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James A. DePietro

“I see myself, first and foremost, as a visual storyteller. I create my art narratives with multiple
images which enable the viewer to explore the issues and interpret my point of view or personal message within their own terms.”

James A. DePietro has been expressing his aesthetic voice by using a series format approach with his artwork. His unique and imaginative point of view on a variety of contemporary themes is evident in his mixed media paintings. He has explored many wide-ranging topics over the years, putting an ironic spin on various social, political, or environmentally-themed issues. Work submitted for viewing comes from his Deconstruction Series or Shadow Series: All selected oil / acrylic paintings manipulate realistic imagery contrasting with abstract fields of colorful backgrounds or borders. The works deal directly with multiple images combining color, form and texture. Deconstruction No. 11: Iris (Message to Theo) is inspired by VanGogh’s love of nature and his written letters to his brother; The Posse deals humorously with the food cycle; Zap (Tommy’s Got a Gun) looks at the global fascination of guns and its effect and influence on our children.

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