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Jeffrey M. Bunce

I was introduced to art at an early age which led to formative successes and recognition. These accomplishments inspired me to pursue an existence in a life of art.

The styles I embrace vary from traditional to contemporary. This has enabled me to become well rounded and versatile, and eager to explore and experiment. While I enjoy the discipline of traditional works, the spontaneous act of creating has captured my desire to continue challenging myself in new ways.

My most favorite part of art is the exuberance of creating and exploring, excited by the unknown of approaching a blank canvas with a palette of colors. Mediums I enjoy creating in are illustration, oil, water color, acrylics, enamels, 3D chroma-depth and digital vector graphics.

My new works are a spontaneous release of abstract acrylics embodying emotion and a colorful flow. This is the next phase of my purpose, to advance art with every experience.