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Jennifer Schilling

My love of creating and working in the ceramic medium began during my studies at Alfred University. Studying under some of the country’s best ceramic artists allowed me to refine my current skills, techniques and helped me find my love of experimenting with ceramics & firing atmospheric kilns.

The ceramic medium allows me to process essential elements as the earth does. Clay is mined and processed, it is formed and given structure. Then finally given life through the final decision on overall surface decoration. This process fires my imagination in a way no other material can. Clay informs my sense of place in the world and connects me to my collective ancestors and constantly challenges my understanding of its endless potential and possibilities.

I have a strong desire to avoid repetition in my work. I believe in the process of discovery. No two pieces are ever the same and my ideas are continually changing. Experimenting with new materials and risk taking are essential to my work. I attempt to develop my own manner and technique of representation through a figurative, symbolic, and surrealist style.

Jennifer Schilling's Work In the Gallery