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Kate Hughes

Kate holds her undergraduate degree in Art and Fine Arts and an MBA from Cedar Crest College. When she’s not at Bethlehem House Gallery, or Barreform, or on stage, or working on a film, or on the radio, or writing, Kate can be found walking a dog…or two…or three… 

Her most recent photography collection, “Women Who Inspire” is a series of tenacious, resilient women who’ve encouraged positive transformations throughout Hughes’ life. 

The images of these powerful females were taken in environments that reflect who these women are and what they represent – humor, love, friendship, compassion, strength, kindness and so much more… 

The photos are printed on cloth and then embellished with stitching – creating texture, exaggerating lines, accentuating depth as well as magnifying flatness. The goal of this series is to grow and grow; eventually becoming a published book of photography that coincides with stories of life well lived.

Most Flammable, Kate’s most recent work, is a comedic series of her struggles to remain on her feet through several events throughout the course of a year. There’s only one group of incredible women who through love, friendship, and compassion are able to pick Kate up and help her move forward. Tickets are on sale now for the first show Friday, March 15 at the ArtsQuest Fowler Blast Furnace Room.

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