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Lauren Beauchner

My paintings display moments of interaction between people and the energy that surrounds them in various social settings. These scenes explore a sincerity of emotions and interpersonal relations that seems to have diminished in contemporary art. This authenticity is captured through candid photographs, free of any ironic or satirical sentiment imposed upon them as they are translated into paintings. The pieces examine the more beautiful aspects of the human experience, shown in groups of people conversing, drinking, laughing, and forming connections with each other.

I combine multiple photographs that I take of different people and places and translate them into a fictional space, using oil figures and spaces striving to evoke the frenetic, excited energy of parties and the layers of conversations and activities present in large groups of people. I try to further energize these compositions by greatly varying the paint application, using a bright and extensive palette, and exploring multiple ways to construct a figure within each piece. Though I rely on representational images to create my work, the abstract passages and obvious presence of the materials exhibit my foremost endeavor to emphasize my passion for painting.