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Marilyn J. Fox

I began this series of abstract work about a year ago (Fall 2017). Prior to that, I was painting landscapes and still lifes, but went to my studio one morning and thought, I do not want to do that anymore. I began to think about language in terms of written language, script, Arabic and Asian calligraphy. I started to think about how language changes and evolves over time, also.
With those concepts in mind, a took an older landscape painting and, using large gestural strokes, I painted over it. I started to paint out images, added paint, scraped paint off, as I continually rotated the canvas. I felt so free, no constraints, no defining imagery!

This was compelling to me, as the paint obliterated some images and the scrapping revealed old images. I thought of this as how language changes over time.

Continuing to work this way, purely abstractly, without thought to specific images, I found that certain archetypal images emerged. Sometimes a house-like structure, a figure, a path, an animal.
I became fascinated by this and continue to work this way, without pre-conceived ideas or plans. Often I stick to a certain color family, for continuity, but nothing more.

The resulting painting seems to now speak the language of the abstract, which I loved all along.