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Marlow Rodale

I view my oil paintings as an exploration of memory; not in the form of pictures of the experiences of my life, but rather an interpretation of the mechanics of the mind, how memories are formed and how these recollections of past events create one’s personal world. Each new experience changes the way one views old memories, which in turn alters one’s sense of self, and that affects how we perceive future events.  Just as each new mark on the canvas is affected by the marks that came before, so does it also dictates my next reaction.

My work intends to be viewed as a visual expression of these individual building blocks of our inner selves as they interact to create our conscious mind. They are spectral and elusive, yet they coalesce into concrete images, our memories, represented here by the rendered geometric shapes. In creating these visual spaces I intend to give the viewer a place to reflect, free of the representational bias of person, place or thing, and an opportunity to look inward. I draw from a broad range of influences from the Surrealists and works of artist like MC Escher and the graffiti and comic books I devoured in my youth to the circuit, the atom, and the inner workings of the universe

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