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Michael Lebson

Whether it’s elements from great art of the past and present, views and thoughts about our world today, feelings and emotions that I may or may not be affected by, memories or moments of nostalgia that I deem worth retaining through artistic expression, or the celebration of people, places, and things that are most important to me, they are all constantly and continuously being assessed in my current work. With these factors, among others, in mind, the most outwardly present themes found in my art revolve around universality, scale, repetition, time, or similarities and differences among common things. These themes, among others, are then applied in a more literal artistic sense, where composition, focal points, color, value, rhythm, spacing, abstraction, reality, detail, boldness, elegance, presence, and other factors materialize into art.

These pieces of art currently take shape in the form of selectively representational or abstract raw forms that attempt to become alive through their connection among themselves and gravity they gain by virtue of their place and relation to the world, both within and beyond the painted surface.

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