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Mike Piergrossi

The paintings I create are born from collected memories, stories, images, and thoughts that have impacted me on some level during the course of my life. There is a non-linear narrative running through my work that is rooted in personal/universal experiences, humor, and the desire to engage and entertain an audience through the act of painting. The painted and collaged images and materials reveal histories and ideas that have gone and come through my creative process.

My paintings are reminiscent of the heavily-collage-graffiti-and-advertisement-caked walls, windows, scaffolding, and mailboxes of New York City, where I live. In my art, layers upon layers of paint, reworked compositions, and ephemera are added and subtracted to the picture plane giving my paintings a heavily worked, painterly, and urban surface. The painted elements in my work mingle with the collaged fabric, admission tickets, bar tabs, photographs, maps, and old clothing and breathe content into the piece. This is much the same way the landscape around me changes and evolves, always in a state of flux or a pleasant stoppage. Decisions are made, actions play out, and a composition is formed. I truly believe that “art” is a verb.

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