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Rachel Bell

When I consider my mixed media work, I consider how it is less than representational, but also how it represents things I take from the physical world. Inspiration for these works, is derived from natural and organic elements, such as the floral motif, but also the natural world reclaiming its territory by regrowth, discoloration, and deterioration. All of these elements play a part in my work that deals with collage of media and materials. With this physical or representational quality, I expand on, what I consider, an emotional landscape. As with all my work, there is always a goal to trigger an emotional response or perhaps a range of feelings being experienced, each differently and uniquely, as the viewer absorbs the work.

For me, this type of work continues to deal with the general concept of femininity. I use duality to confront stereotypes of what it means to be a “woman”, quietly questioning these things, reiterating simple themes, and trying to make sense of it for myself. The fragility of my work is always in question. Will there be something there when I am finished? I delicately create my compositions with breakable materials, and take much care and consideration for my actions, only to push it far enough to almost destroy it. Internally, I continue with these themes, not hesitating in how my emotions may effect the overall work.

I strive for my work to have a strong emotional and almost shocking voice, as it is also able to provide some sort of comfort.