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Rhonda J. Snowaert


Rhonda’s artistic experience has taken many significant turns and employed numerous media. She has worked as a professional photographer, a painter, a ceramic artist, and now is focused on glass, especially kiln-formed glass.

She is currently co-owner and studio manager for R&R Glass Studio in Bethlehem, PA, where she works in and teaches kiln-formed glass, that is, glass art that uses kilns to melt glass together to form specific images. Rhonda is also active in the hot glass shop doing blown and furnace cast glass.

Rhonda has been a full-time artist for almost ten years and has exhibited in galleries in Michigan, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania. She not only teaches at R&R Glass Studio but is part of a teaching team that frequently teaches at the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY.

Artist Statement

I am driven to create images that portray complex ideas using patterns and colors of my own making. I focus on longer-term, multi-step processes that yield me that greatest artistic freedom and yet, still produce a viable, lively image that can be enjoyed by many. And for me, glass is the perfect medium to do that. It is both static—playing the light it is given, and dynamic—adapting to whatever light is available. And I get to help it.