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Rigo Peralta

Art, for me, is a spontaneous act of existential discovery and imagination. My paintings are labyrinths of the real and surreal. Through richly charged, rhythmic compositions and a palette steeped in the vibrant colors of my Dominican homeland, I blend diverse cultural references, symbolic imagery, mythology, and organic, mechanical, and abstract forms. I plumb the depths of nature and human existence and create fantastical worlds in which I lay bare and seek to reconcile the tensions between our primal and spiritual natures and a world increasingly controlled by machines, technology, and political upheaval. I explore nature, humanity, and spirituality in everything I create.

While I am also a print maker, painting is my primary medium. My creative process is organic. I do not make preliminary sketches. Rather, I come to the bare canvas with the creative urge to paint. I lay the canvas on the floor and build layers of color and texture. From these layers, ideas and form coalesce and a narrative thread emerges.

A predominant theme I explore in my work is the relentless push and pull between human and machine: mechanical forms unite with and invade the body; industry and technology erode our spirituality and free will; our connection to nature and to each other is threatened. But ultimately, my work is about the persistence of nature and the beauty, strength, and spiritual essence of human existence.