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Scott Cantrell

Artist Statement

I work mostly with traditional art materials such as pencil, paper, paint, canvas, photo and ink referentially commenting on the illusions created with these materials. By means of these common artistic tools, I am attempting to provide a home for the concept of memory within a seemingly practical context. Yet, I am always being reminded that memory is fleeting and that it is completely individual. Driven by the fundamental fear of forgetting, ultimately a fear of death, my work is part of a grieving process personal and historical that seeks for some kind of resolution.

One of the most straightforward examples of this process can be found within my concrete series where I embedded dozens of my family photographs into blocks of concrete. These objects created archives or new homes for memories to live in; yet these homes very obviously pointed to the paradox within the process. I placed dozens of photos into cement forms, representative not only of an attempt to make these ephemeral memories concrete but also to demonstrate
the futile nature of the photograph. The photograph was a tangible representation of memory fraught with the same finitude, the archive, the memory and my own life shared. The photographs symbolically represented the desire and hope to recognize infinity. An attempt to reach past death may have been futile but seemed more rational a gesture then to submit to our limitations.

My work has been a constellation of visual to conceptual analogies: accepting death as part of life, recognizing our place as a subject in history, as well as understanding the past as a living and changing concept. Nevertheless, the overlying intent is to present an apparatus that can encourage a dialogue of resolution to our mortality within the seemingly infinitive reality.

Artist Bio

Scott Cantrell currently teaches drawing and painting at Lampeter-Strasburg High School. He earned his Masters in Art Education from Millersville University in 2007 and his Masters in Fine Arts from Vermont College of Fine Art in 2011. Since graduating with his MFA, Scott has exhibited in several juried shows throughout the country including the North American Graduate Art Survey in Minneapolis, the Boston Young Contemporaries in Boston, the Art of the State in the Harrisburg State Museum as well as Trompe L’oeil Juried Exhibition at the John F. Peto Studio Museum in Island Heights New Jersey. He also shows regularly thru Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, Pa. This past summer Scott had an artist fellowship thru Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. You can see more of his work and showing history at Scottcantrellart.com.

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