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Susan Gilli

I refer to myself as “a work in progress” as I am continuing to evolve. My greatest joy is to create a painting and have others come away after viewing my work with the same enjoyment.

When I walk into an art gallery, an exhibit, or even a store, I’m first drawn to the colors. If the colors appeal to me, I’ll step in closer and take a longer look. At this point I either connect with the piece emotionally or wander past. In my work I use color and form to portray my emotions.. If I get the viewer to take a step closer to my painting and linger a little longer, it’s an accomplishment for me.

Most times I begin a painting with a particular choice of colors. I’m never sure what will evolve. Working in the abstract is much more enjoyable for me than representing or copying a scene or still life. Hopefully, my choice of colors and forms will hold the viewer’s interest as if they were looking at a still life. This is important to me as many people often prefer a piece which they can understand or relate to.

My paintings are mainly in acrylics and at times I incorporate modeling paste and paper to the canvas.

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