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Valerie Young

I was born in Philadelphia, but grew up in the country of Lower Bucks County. Scavenging the woods for treasures was top priority for my friends and I. Pulling clay from the creeks to make pottery or crushing ink berries to make purple dye were just some of the fun things we found to play with. I always liked to fix things rather than discard them, helping my mom when something was broken.

Painting, drawing, and pottery were my majors in high school. My mom is very talented and has tried her hand at many forms of art including painting, pen & ink, and stained glass.

My dad was always building something or working on a project and I believe I get my talent for making things from him. He often took scraps and made toys or gadgets; he was a collector of objects and old cars. He was always trying to invent something that would make money. He passed away almost two years ago. I miss him and his input. I think he would be amazed at what I can create out of old rusty junk.

My husband is also very artistic – creating replicas of antique bird houses. He uses rusty metal objects to embellish them; his scrap collection is what appealed to me to start my own projects. I have made several lamps throughout the years so it just came to me to use the rust and balance it with the glass to produce the beautiful lamps that I have created. It is a passion that I enjoy to no end. The combinations are only limited to my imagination.

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