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Ward Van Haute

I am a multi-disciplined artist creating works focusing on the human form in a whimsical setting that reflect my cheerful engagement with the world. My preferred medium is painting with oils on the reverse of reclaimed glass windows. My energetic brushwork combined with a bold color palette serves to enhance the relationship between light and pigment in my reverse glass paintings.

The process of reverse painting is like a puzzle. Working backwards and in reverse requires me to form the image differently, focusing first on the fine details then working back to the broader composition. The surface is unforgiving. Once a layer dries it can’t be reworked without scraping off all previous layers. This restriction demands creative flexibility and further motivates me to be innovative in my medium as I strive to master. I love the luminosity that reverse painting brings to the finished artwork. Oils on the reverse of glass capture ambient light like no other medium and support combination.

In addition to painting on glass, I also experiment in kiln formed glass as well as sculpture. In my sculptural work I use a combination of found objects and cold casting materials.

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