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Ward Van Haute

I am a self-taught, multidiscipline artist. My preferred medium is painting with oils on the reverse side of glass panels. My recent works are a study of iconic Bethlehem structures. My detailed knife work combined with a bold color palette brings new life to these beloved buildings. The Martin Tower is gone but not forgotten. The Boyd Theatre is not long for this world. The Hill to Hill Bridge brings the North side and the Southside together and The Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces and surrounding buildings are a reminder of our small city’s powerful history in American Industry.

The process of reverse painting is like a puzzle. Working backwards and in reverse requires me to form the image differently, focusing first on the foreground then working back into the broader composition. I love the luminosity that reverse painting brings to the finished artwork. Oils on the reverse of glass capture ambient light like no other medium and support combination.

In addition to painting on glass, I also experiment in kiln formed glass as well as sculpture.

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