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Zach Kleemeyer

I create for the fun of it. Art making as a visual artist allows me to express myself when words aren’t enough. I do feel I’ve always been creative, but wasn’t comfortable sharing my creations until my college years.

My greatest resources have always been my artistic grandparents, a painter-professor and a quilter-entrepreneur. I began creating these assemblage sculptures last summer, just tinkering with recycled scraps found in my grandpop’s garage workshop.

Just as they started, it is important to me that these sculptures remain forever environmentally conscious. Reclaimed wood is my major medium, but I’ve branched out into using other found materials, such as metal, mirror, plastic, and cork.

Being an artist is a big part of who I am. While I do look forward to having more fun with this in the coming years, I’m more and more motivated to create artwork that is socially aware.

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