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The 2014 Fall Show

The 2014 Fall Show features the distinct and unique local artwork from Thomas John Shillea, Khalil Allaik, Erin Anderson, Vivian Fishbone, David Sommers and Jessica Bastidas. It also includes functional art by Doug Kozo, furniture by Stephen Metz, and jewelry by Stacie Louise Smith.

The gallery underwent a complete transformation to welcome the fall show, including interior renovations such as paint colors and interior design changes, giving way to an entirely new experience.

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The Artists

David Sommers

Dave Sommers' artwork simplifies objective reality with straight lines and arcs. He reduce nature and urban scenes to more basic shapes and lines.


Jessica Bastidas

Jessica Bastidas' series explores the psychology of the sitter and the quiet dignity present within each person despite a history of oppression through colonialism, slavery, and socio-economic disenfranchisement.


Thomas John Shillea

Conceptually all of the images in Thomas John Shillea's "King of Sorrows" series are based upon the juxtaposition of photos made in the past, some more than 35 years ago, in combination with the iconic face of the King of Sorrows – seek Him and you will find Him.


Khalil Allaik

The work of Khalil Allaik explores how art can help us travel throughout this huge and limitless universe.


Erin Anderson

Working on copper sheet, Erin Anderson's compositions remain anchored in professional figure painted juxtaposed by abstraction. Fascinated by the “space between,” her inspiration lies in visualizing dynamics within individuals and groups.


Doug Kozo

Doug Kozo uses both recognizable and unseen automobile and machinery parts. Parts that would have been designed for function and spend their life in motion are now the static elements of something visually interesting.


Stephen Metz

Stephen Metz designs live edge furniture using sustainable woods.


Vivian Fishbone

Vivian Fishbone's work is mainly abstract, although she takes occasional detour into painting the figure. Her paintings are acrylic on canvas, wood or paper.


Ward Van Haute

Ward Van Haute's energetic brushwork combined with a bold color palette serves to enhance the relationship between light and pigment in his reverse glass paintings.