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The 2018 Spring Show

Celebrate the warmth of Spring, with cool, contemporary art featured in the 2018 Spring Show!

We’ve freshened up the entire gallery for this show which will run from Friday, April 20th through Saturday, July 7th, 2018, starting with an Opening Reception at the gallery on Friday, April 20th from 6-9 p.m.

The Spring Show will feature the art of:

  • Tina Cantelmi – Tina finds abstract concepts and the interplay of color, surface, depth, and light most engaging to explore.
  • Janet Dance – Janet’s inspiration for these paintings are the in the landscape, especially stone outcroppings and tree shapes.
  • Thomas Kelly – Thomas is an award-winning New Jersey-based painter. His colorful, narrative, acrylic paintings on canvas often create a dialogue with the viewer.
  • Marlow Rodale – Marlow’s work intends to be viewed as a visual expression of these individual building blocks of our inner selves as they interact to create our conscious mind.
  • Josh Schwartz – Josh is a self-taught artist who works with metal through welding and sculpting. This has been a relatively new development in his life, only having started in the winter of 2015. 
  • Ward Van Haute – Ward is a multi-disciplined artist creating works focusing on the human form in a whimsical setting that reflect my cheerful engagement with the world.
  • Marta Whistler – Marta has developed her own unique style as a painter and sculptor. Her paintings feature bold color use combined with striking manipulation of surface texture and a powerful feeling of movement in her Abstract, Figurative, Symbolic and Sculpture artworks.

House Artists:

The show will conclude with a Closing Reception on Saturday, July 7th, 2018 from 6-9 p.m.

The Artists

Tina Cantelmi

Art and design have always been an integral part of my life — from creative writing, painting, fashion, and sculpture to shaping pottery on the wheel or by hand. I began studying art at an early age, and in high school, I spent countless hours in the ceramics studio.


Janet Dance

Janet Dance uses oil paint mixed with beeswax on canvas as the medium for these paintings using the brush, palette knife and occasionally a heat gun to move the paint around the canvas.


Thomas Kelly

Kelly is an award winning New Jersey based painter. With more than 200 original paintings collected, his work has a signature style which has its roots in expressionism.


Marlow Rodale

Marlow views his oil paintings as an exploration of memory. To him, painting is an interpretation of the mechanics of the mind, how memories are formed.


Josh Schwartz

Josh Schwartz uses materials with historical relevance to both aspects of American history to create pieces with functionality.


Ward Van Haute

Ward Van Haute's energetic brushwork combined with a bold color palette serves to enhance the relationship between light and pigment in his reverse glass paintings.


Marta Whistler

Marta Whistler attributes the strength of her color use and the kinetic dynamism of her form to influences as diverse as Native American art motifs, Slavic iconography, and the brilliance of color in Central American costumes.