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The 2019 Summer Show

Summer is here, meaning longer days, trips to the pool, plenty of ice cream, and a new art show! We have a lot in store for our 2019 Summer Show, and it’s all starting with an Opening Reception on Friday, June 28th from 6 PM – 9 PM. Explore our newly decorated gallery, while exploring the unique works by our featured artists.

Featured Artists for the 2019 Summer Show Include:

*To continue the development of young artists, we will donate 10% of Arturo Cabrera and Jessica Bastidas’ sales to The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts.

We will also be showing off the work of our House Artists:

This show is a special one for us, as we will also be celebrating the Bethlehem House Gallery’s 5th Anniversary on July 25th. Don’t worry; we are already in planning mode for the celebration. You can enter now to be the designer of our anniversary celebration cake!

The 2019 Summer Show will run during regular gallery hours until our Closing Reception on Saturday, October 5th from 6 PM – 9 PM.

As always, all art will be available for purchase at the gallery or through our online store, so make a note of any pieces that may add that extra “wow” factor to your home decor!

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The Artists

Arturo Cabrera

Arturo Cabrera's work focuses on Humanism, a movement and mindset that occurred during the high Italian Renaissance. The humanistic mindset pushes the notion that man is God’s greatest creation.


Jessica Bastidas

Jessica Bastidas' series explores the psychology of the sitter and the quiet dignity present within each person despite a history of oppression through colonialism, slavery, and socio-economic disenfranchisement.


Domenick Naccarato

Naccarato's focuses on unnoticed and unremarkable objects as the basis of his abstract art.


Marlow Rodale

Marlow views his oil paintings as an exploration of memory. To him, painting is an interpretation of the mechanics of the mind, how memories are formed.


Barney Stone

A workshop at Penland School of Craft introduced him to kinetic sculpture. Since then he has been combining found objects and Arduino microcontrollers to produce humorous kinetic sculptures that interact with viewers and their environment.


Ward Van Haute

Ward Van Haute's energetic brushwork combined with a bold color palette serves to enhance the relationship between light and pigment in his reverse glass paintings.


Susan Washington

Susan Washington currently explores large scale modern mid-century art with a contemporary feel. Learn more and purchase her artwork today.