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2nd Annual Juried Show: Printmakers

Bethlehem House Contemporary Art Gallery is excited to host our 2nd Annual Juried Show: Printmakers, in which we invited submissions from emerging and established artists of all ages residing in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

In our 2nd Annual Juried Show: Printmakers, we sought out to highlight printmaking techniques in contemporary art from around the region. The winner of the exhibit will be invited to be a featured artist in one show during Bethlehem House Gallery’s 2018 Season. All prizes* are listed below:

  • First place: $500 Cash and a featured artist invitation for one show in 2018 season
  • Second place: $250 Cash and $100 Blick Gift Certificate
  • Third place: $100 Cash and $100 Blick Gift Certificate
  • Director’s Choice: $100 Blick Gift Certificate

Many thanks to Blick Art Supply for their sponsorship of our awards!

The Bethlehem House Gallery Annual Juried Show will be open to the public from February 9, 2018 – April 7, 2018.  You are cordially invited to attend the Opening Reception on Friday, February 9, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm EST.  Awards will be presented at 7:30pm during the Opening Reception.  Award winners, or their representatives, are requested to be present for the awards presentation.

The Artists

Cynthia Back

Cynthia Back's artwork celebrates landscapes. She is immersed in nature: from a window, walking in it, standing and listening to its sounds, watching shadows and colors dance across water and foliage. Come to the Bethlehem House Gallery to see her work.


Kathleen M. Barrett

Kathleen M. Barrett uses drawing to explore her relationship with the unusual. Often exploiting vintage icons and the idea of traditional landscape artwork, she creates supernatural dreamscape drawings that later become the basis for her prints.


Jessica Bastidas

Jessica Bastidas' series explores the psychology of the sitter and the quiet dignity present within each person despite a history of oppression through colonialism, slavery, and socio-economic disenfranchisement.


Scott Cantrell

Scott Cantrell works mostly with traditional art materials such as pencil, paper, paint, canvas, photo and ink referentially commenting on the illusions created with these materials.


Matthew Casella

As humans scavenging through a bleak existence, we wear our anxieties around our heads like a crown of thorns.


Bryan Fellenbaum

Through the use of these objects, along with the acts of painting, drawing, and collaging, Bryan Fellenbaum creates abstract works based on formal principles and design.


Keith Garubba

Keith Garubba's work is an abstract exploration and critique of the relationship between Art and Science, while celebrating the ornamented spectacles and exhilarating spirit that can thrive that this intersection.


Anthony Hanakovic

I have been exploring the medium of printmaking for the last 3 years. I was primarily an oil painter before then with a passion for the old masters. I have learned much of the old masters techniques and try to use them in my work.


Ann Marie Hayes-Hawkinson

After working 24 years as a museum educator and university gallery director, I have returned to the printmaking studio. I am studying intaglio with Professor Evan Summer at Kutztown University. I also am a member of The Printmakers’ Society of the Lehigh Valley (PSLV) and Southern Graphics Council (SGC).


Kathleen Hurley Liao

I begin my artwork with an “automatic” process, which allows me to express sensations of consciousness through line, color and movement.


Sarah Kinard

My work pushes the boundary between sculpture and collage. When creating, I pull from a large bank of found materials from various sources. I work from an ever-growing collection of paper, pattern and other archival materials.


Christine Medley

The majority of my art incorporates monotypes, relief printing, letterpress, book arts, photography, digital, and collaged paper.


Claire B. Marcus, M.F.A.

I am especially interested in the power of land- and cityscapes to record and imply narrative. My recent work in paper and book formats focuses on the interaction of public and private history patterns and the individual stories that compose them.


Abbey Rosko

Employing a pseudo-printmaking technique, Abbey Rosko's oil paintings distill film-musical images inspired by various sources including Hollywood's golden age.


Jesse Shaw

Jesse Shaw is a printmaker primarily working in relief prints carved from linoleum blocks. His work is based in the narrative, satirical, political, and social commentary tradition of the graphic print.


Anthony Smith, Jr.

Anthony Smith's work coalesce into vibrant worlds where he often plays out moral, political or philosophical fantasies using calligraphic gestures that feel vaguely calligraphic. Explore his work during the 2019 Holiday Show.


Melissa Strawser

Melissa’s art work is that of 5th generation Artist influenced by a family steeped in Pennsylvania Folk Art.


Anthony Viscardi

My work, derived from a generative process I refer to as “shadow mapping,” captures time by tracing shadows as they traverse an architectural construct while being built over one day.


Brandon Williams

My black and white prints are meticulous and technical; this tight precision encourages the viewer to look closely.


Arzu Yontar

The landscape pieces, which I created as collages, reference the many different countries in the Middle East that are being affected by wars.