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Current Exhibit

The 2019 Holiday Show

Check out what’s new in our 2019 Holiday Show, being held from October 18 - January 11.


The 2015 Winter Show

The 2015 Winter Show offers elements of urban edge, visual conversation, and approachable art that speaks to both the mind and the soul. Running from January 16 through March 28, the Winter Show will feature the artwork of both emerging and established regional artists including Jeffrey Bunce, Tom D’Angelo, Gini Illick, Justin Long, Spencer Snygg, Jessica Echevarria, and Ward Van Haute.


The 2014 Summer Show

The 2014 Summer Show included abstract, as well as innovative sculpture, sustainable live-edge furniture, unique industrial home decor, and stunning yet functional glass pieces.


The 2014 Fall Show

The 2014 Fall Show features the distinct and unique local artwork from Thomas John Shillea, Khalil Allaik, Erin Anderson, Vivian Fishbone, David Sommers and Jessica Bastidas. It also includes functional art by Doug Kozo, furniture by Stephen Metz, and jewelry by Stacie Louise Smith. The gallery underwent a complete transformation to welcome the fall show, including interior renovations such as paint colors and interior design changes, giving way to an entirely new experience.