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Window View: A Perspective Piece

The Bethlehem House Gallery is celebrating its Fifth Anniversary on July 25th. It goes without saying that 459 Main Street would not be what it is today without the fantastic support of the community that surrounds it. Gallery Director Kate Hughes shares her thoughts on what the Gallery means to her.

Window View

As the weather gets nicer, more and more people begin to gather in town – frequenting
interesting, quaint shops, dining in delicious restaurants and strolling down our cozy, little Main Street. You become accustomed to the patterns – the people, the weather and the passing seasons.

Watching it all unfold, year after year, season after season at the House Gallery – a front row
seat in the comfort of the most beautiful “home.”

In the winter and holiday months, it feels as though life occurs in a picturesque, scenic snow globe. Melodic clip-clopping of horse-drawn carriages interspersed with bells ringing and
holiday songs fill the air – creating the most serene background music that would make even
the most successful of filmmakers envious. Winter in Bethlehem is a magnificent sensory
symphony in which children and adults of all ages enjoy. It is a magical time.
After all, it is the Christmas City.

When Spring rolls around, the trees blossom and the streets are lined with colorful potted flowers – marking entrances of all storefronts. A welcoming sight to see. A new beginning. A time of change.

Autumn is, perhaps, the most stunning season in the Valley. It certainly is on Main Street.
The cool wind makes yellow-orange leaves dance in the trees and fall gracefully, lining the
familiar hometown sidewalks. One cycle is ending, making room for another to commence.
The familiar comfort of our home town is unmatched by any other place on earth.
In addition to all of this, the houses and edifices that outline our streets and town are beyond

The structural design of the buildings is something that begs to be noticed.
And you do.

Ornate facades, lovely stone and brick marriages, and that distinguished arch.
If the buildings could speak, what would they say?
What stories could they tell us?
Bethlehem’s prominent architecture makes us bear witness to time gone by.
While simultaneously reminding us of all the wonder that lies ahead.
It is something to celebrate. And so, we do.

Our community is alive and strong.
The seasons, the structures, the visitors, the neighbors, the shop owners – everyone and
everything that contributes to the buzzing about the street – We welcome it.
We look forward to it.

We see it all gorgeously unfold, time after time, under the exquisite archway at 459.
Home is, indeed, where the art is.

Help Us Celebrate 5 Years

We appreciate the support of the artists and community that have helped us grow over the years, and invite all to join us on Thursday, July 25th as we eat, drink and dance the night away in celebration of this milestone. Companies from all around the Bethlehem area are lending their hand to ensure that this party is like no other. Companies generously donating include Vegan Treats, Apollo Grill, Chocolate Lab, and Twisted Olive. You can RSVP for the event here. We hope to see you there!


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